The Flock

As we were creating Nest Ink, one of our founders was just coming out of paternity leave, wishing that extra income had magically flowed his way while he was off of work.  And then it hit us: why not create an opportunity for expecting and new parents to generate some extra income in a way that brings loving-kindness to themselves and to others?

That’s where The Flock comes in.

The Flock is an emerging community of expecting and new parents who are designing loving-kindness-, compassion-, and intention-infused tattoos for the Nest Ink community.  We then print and sell selected tattoos and send a huge portion of the profits to the designers, bolstering the finances of those individuals as their families grow.









The process is simple:

  1. Flock members send over designs and we review them.
  1. We digitize, market, and sell selected tattoos (and of course highlight information about the designer on our website).
  1. We send a hearty portion of the profits to The Flock member for sales of their designs.

To learn more about becoming one of The Flock’s first members, please contact us for formal specification requirements and an application.