The Nest Ink Story

Loving-kindness meditation (also known as "metta" in Buddhist circles) was a grounding force for each of our families during the pregnancies of our first children.  During both joyous and more challenging prenatal and postpartum moments, we rooted ourselves in loving-kindness practices, sending intentions and wishes of health, happiness, and safety to our babies and partners.

These wishes and meditations brought calm to ourselves and our partners.  As a result, we know our babies benefited -- and continue to benefit -- from the practice.  The practice helped us to tame our more fearful and worrisome moments while multiplying the joy of happy ones.

And that's why we're here.  Pregnancy and parenthood are full of ups and downs -- and moments one can't even assign words to!  We, our partners, and our children live the benefits of this practice, and we want to make its benefits easily accessible to you.  Whether you're seeking to grow your joy, calm worries and fears, manifest courage, or send the yummiest energy to your little one, the Nest Ink community is here for you.

With mettas,

Christina (in Newfoundland) & Gary (in Los Angeles)