Tips For Applying Your Tattoos, Removing Them, and Other Questions

What you’ll need:

  • Cloth, a towel, or a sponge
  • A little bit of water

If you’re sensitive to your tap water, please use a different water source.

Applying your Nest Ink:

Step 1
Decide where you want to apply the tattoo.  Make sure you have it where you want it for up to 7 days.  Once you’ve decided on a position, please peel the plastic cover off of your temporary tattoo.

Step 2
Place the paper on your body with the tattoo side on your skin. Apply pressure evenly. (Don’t worry if you don’t get it spot-on the first time.  Even if the tattoo isn’t sticky anymore, the image will still transfer.)

Step 3
Wet your cloth, towel, or sponge with water and dab it on top of the tattoo paper, covering the entire tattoo.  Be sure to completely saturate the paper because the water is what releases the tattoo from the paper. Hold this for 30-60 seconds to ensure the whole tattoo is transferred.  Some people use this time to focus on the wish that the tattoo conveys.

Step 4
Peel the paper off to get a look at your wearable wish.  Your intention and tattoo are now in place!

Step 5 (Optional)
To extend your tattoo’s lifespan and to add a little vibrancy, dab off the excess water and rub just a tiny bit of lotion on it.  This is often especially helpful for folks with darker skin.

All done!  At this point, the tattoo application is done and looking great.  It will stay on for 5 – 7 days with normal wear-and-tear, and a few days if you’re out there sweating or rolling around in the mud!  Seeing the tattoo fade or show through as the tattoo ages is natural.


Removing Your Tattoos

What You’ll Need

  • Baby oil or rubbing alcohol
  • A cotton pad or paper towel
  • Household clear tape (don’t worry, we’ll explain…)

Step 1
Apply the rubbing alcohol or baby oil generously to your tattoo.  Let it sit for a while to allow the adhesive to completely lift from your skin.

Step 2
Use a cotton pad or wet paper towel to rub over the tattoo to remove as much as possible.  If you’re not making much progress, apply more rubbing alcohol or baby oil.  Just be kind to yourself, please.  There’s no reason to give your skin a burn.

Step 3
Still have some ink nesting on your skin?  Take a piece of household tape and wrap it around a few fingers (index and middle fingers work best) with the sticky side out.  Use a dabbing motion to pull the little left-overs off of your skin!

Whether or not you apply a new tattoo, remember the poetry and meditations in the Nest Ink community are always here for you to bring more compassion to yourself while sending the yummiest of wishes to your baby and loved ones.

Returns & Replacement Guarantee
If, for some reason, your tattoo doesn’t apply correctly, within three days of delivery, please send a picture of it to  We’ll send a replacement to you at no cost.